February 8, 2010

Master briefing: Develop towards sustainability

Sustainable development is climbing up business agendas. Green or not, the questions still remain: what do I need to know and what do I need to do to ensure my business or area of responsibility thrives in a world edging towards sustainability? And how can I quickly get on top of the subject?

You will get the answers to all three questions by joining our master briefing.


To provide a briefing on sustainable development with enough breadth and depth that delegates will be able to identify what to monitor internally and externally in their business and the steps they need to take for their organizations to thrive in a world in transition.


Busy executives, entrepreneurs and managers with responsibility for environment, social responsibility and /or sustainable development.


A sound overview of sustainability and the four ways it could affect business.

An understanding of what you need to do to keep ahead as key sustainability factors enter into ascendency.


  • How to find the key to understanding sustainability hidden in oil prices.
  • The history of business development and sustainability in 10 minutes.
  • Twelve patent-free inventions already available that beat most upcoming clean-tech inventions hands down.
  • You can’t afford to go green or you can’t afford not to? Dissecting the bottom line.
  • How to integrate CSR, environment and sustainability to keep costs down and your ability to move with the times rapid.
  • Why there are a lot of people who are too heavily invested to tell you straight about sustainability.
  • There are only four ways this could go. How to spot developments and how to react.
  • Product and service development: key strategies for sustainable development.
  • Organizing for sustainability: the three key changes you need to make if you have not done them already.
  • How to avoid getting caught greenwashing ( Clue: don’t greenwash)
  • Ten business environment factors to watch.
  • Your action list.
  • Why technology alone is not going to bring profits – the five key ingredients to business success in a world going sustainable.
  • Spotting winners and losers: wise investment.



The training format is based on lectures, questions and answers backed up with the “Sustainable Profits” course file containing checklists and action lists.


The briefing takes between one and three days depending on the depth required and starting knowledge.


Please ask us for an offer.


Stephen Hinton is a Biologist turned management consultant. He started out as a Science teacher, went into management training, spent many years in the Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson, has run a sustainable water company and is one of the key figures in Sweden’s sustainability movement.

Stephen’s wide background, his experience from working with leading Swedish companies and the work he did researching his book “inventing for the sustainable planet”, puts him in a position to clarify how businesses and administrations should be preparing for a changing world.

An experienced presenter and business practitioner, Stephen likes to talk straight, sensible and practical giving you the cream of his scientific and strategic knowledge.

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