Collaboration Café

People generally agree that for the developed world to wholeheartedly face up to the challenge of climate change we need across the board collaboration.Collaboration cafés show that it is actually, given the right structure to proceedings, easy, effective and enjoyable. Collaboration cafés are definitely one of the best inventions for a sustainable planet. Check in Read more about Collaboration Café[…]

Natural History Museum takes up climate communication challenge

The 28th of September the Natural History Museum in Stockholm, Sweden opened its climate exhibition to the public. The day before, researchers, corporate representatives, politicians and Non-Government Agencies gathered to spend the day focusing on how best to meet the challenge of climate change. The researchers are in agreement: man-made emissions are seriously affecting climate, Read more about Natural History Museum takes up climate communication challenge[…]

Comments on POT-IN-POT from Ulrike Haupte

Hi As I live in Namibia, where hot spells last longer than cold spells, during the times before electricity was available nationwide, all kinds of devices were created and used for keeping food from spoiling. a) coal coolers: Often big enough to walk into. The inner wall is continuous. In the outer wall the bricks Read more about Comments on POT-IN-POT from Ulrike Haupte[…]

Read this if you are new to the Blog

The Blog features the tapescripts (mostly) of groups` s sessions to invent sustainable technology. (We also feature examples of sustainable inventing – we are searching for a sustainable inventing methodology.)The tapescripts are followed by notes to verify the method, the findings and to reflect on what is being learned. The creativity techniques they use are Read more about Read this if you are new to the Blog[…]

How Lost World poses sustainability question

REFLECTIONS: SUSTAINABILITY CIRCLES AND BEHAVIOUR Michael Crichton’s ”Lost World” carries important sustainability messages. The book describes how scientists interest themselves in the island where dinosaurs have been living freely for some time. Skeletons and even DNA do not give the full picture: they want to study dinosaur behaviour. More importantly, to see if their behaviour Read more about How Lost World poses sustainability question[…]

Footprint being followed by many institutions

FOLLOW UP TO TAPESCRIPT Research into the last tapescript reveals many actualy are following the footprint. Click on the link below to see a full report. That the situation is serious no-one should doubt. The world’s ecological footprint is 14% above what it is believed the world can cope with. And rising. Maybe footprint IS Read more about Footprint being followed by many institutions[…]

New sustainable invention for health

SUSTAINABLE INVENTION HIGHLIGHT – HEALTH BOOSTER!     Latest Medical Invention       This product is a sensation   Clinically proven to reduce coronaries and other heart-lung diseases. Clinically proven blood pressure reducing Clinically proven to prevent diabetes 2 and many cognitive problems, with panax ginseng your body will feel healthier and full of Read more about New sustainable invention for health[…]