Why am I making a hobby out of capitalism?

Well I am not going to be paid, that is for sure, there are so many experts out there that get down to the fine nitty gritty. Look. I like theoretical stuff. When I worked for a large corporation I enjoyed working with the corporate management system, multi-project management methodology, aligning mission, strategy, goals and activities, Read more about Why am I making a hobby out of capitalism?[…]

My new hobby: capitalism

Well, now I have turned sixty I thought I should get a hobby. Looking around for something intellectually stimulating to work with, fun, something to have an argument about and possibly something useful – either to make me money or preferably help bring the world more sustainable. Capitalism: I chose capitalism. I mean, a lot of people praise it Read more about My new hobby: capitalism[…]

Flexible emission fees set new direction towards sustainable development

A recent report from The Nordic Council of Ministers ( title: Flexible emission fees An incentive for driving sustainable production and consumption) is optimistic that growth and environmental goals can be reconciled. If the conclusions of the report can be implemented, it could set a new direction towards sustainable development. The starting point for the Read more about Flexible emission fees set new direction towards sustainable development[…]

Transition in Sweden supported by Environmental Minister

The spread of Transition Towns in Sweden got a big push forward recently from the Swedish Minister for the Environment, Lena Ek. Speaking at a meeting with Hela Sverige Skall Leva, the Swedish folk movement that hosts Transition in Sweden, she said: (Our translation from Swedish) “It was so great to get back to Stockholm Read more about Transition in Sweden supported by Environmental Minister[…]

We need Capitalism 3:0 for the planet that has reached its limits to growth

Recent research supports the conclusions of a controversial environmental study released 40 years ago: The world is on track for disaster. So says Australian physicist Graham Turner, who revisited perhaps the most groundbreaking academic work of the 1970s,The Limits to Growth. Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/Looking-Back-on-the-Limits-of-Growth.html#ixzz1rH98mI3h

Calling the circle training

No matter if you work with neighbors, in a cooperative, in a Transition Initiative or among volunteers, good relations and social cohesion are critical not only just to success, but maintaining good feelings and energy in the community. We’ve taken the best of what is available and put together an introductory training that prepares you Read more about Calling the circle training[…]

At Last! Dirt the movie…

Anyone intereted in understanding the complexities of sustainable  world food and water situation should watch this film. It carefull goes over the importance of theat which we give a negative namen to – dirt that may well be the most important piece of technology we have available to us! Follow this link here for a fuller explanation

Accounting for a crowded but sustainable planet

We need to change the way we account for things as we hit the resource wall. We cannot continue to regard, from an accounting point of view, resources as infinate.
Her’s an attempt to form a sustainable approach:
In my last post I argued that:
Technology is a collection of inventions and capabilities to solve a problem or need.
Work is the application of technology to deliver a solution to the problem or need.
Sustainable technology is a collection of inventions and capabilities to solve problems in a way that preserves financial, natural and mineral capital. Sustainable work applies sustainable technology to delivering the services required to live.
Let us take a group of people and for sake of argument let us take a village of 100 houses with 300 residents, some under age. High up on the list of required services would be  – not in any order  – access to 1) housing 2) food 3) security, 4) clothing.

A philosophical exploration of what “sustainable” and “technology” are

What we call technology is actually a narrow practice including mechanics, electronics and computer science. This confusion is hampering human development, especially when the expectation is on not developing financial and social technology but demanding mechanical solutions when simple agreements could suffice. Modern technology is failing, we are not addressing the challenges in front of us. For some reason, our very use of language is holding us back and preventing us from thinking clearly. […]

The answer is the circle. The question is going to get thrown at you any time soon.

Photo: Meridith_farmer on Flickr

In the conference room, standing barefoot in a circle, holding hands together we wait for Medicine Story to speak:

“In the old ways, the tribe does everything in a circle.”

“The circle is what keeps us together, and in keeping together we survive.”