April 24, 2009


Me and my daughter, Grace

Me and my daughter, Grace

What this is about
This world, this life, is such an amazing gift. Acting in gratitude, appreciation and using all our gifts – intelligence, innovation, hope and determination – we can create a life for ourselves that is truly, inwardly and outwardly, a very beautiful place.

These are the chronicles of my journey from realizing that:

the physical, economic and even mental infrastructure we live within is neither sustainable nor desirable.

To working on envisioning and implementing something THAT WORKS.

I cannot say exactly when I woke up to this. What I CAN say is, back in 2003, I asked myself:

if I don’t want this, what is it I DO want?.

I set out to envision and explore what a peaceful, sustainable future might look like.

And then, I asked – how can we make it happen?

This is what I share on this blog. From time to time I also profile innovative approaches and perspectives  from other visionaries who are contributing to the transition to peace and sustainability. You can follow along by RSS, email updates, or just by checking in here at the site.

One life – one planet – one amazing opportunity
On my journey I found a lot of things. One of them is that there is always something I can do today.  However little, it always feels good to do something. More important, I owe it to myself, to my forefathers whose ingenuity, with the minimum of materials, created the society I grew up in, to the universe that is constantly showering me with gifts, and to my grandchildren.

Specifically, I write about:

•    Breaking free from passive consumerism to becoming an active part of a prosperous community
•    Designing work to be rewarding, fun and sustainable
•    Rethinking the economic system
•    The inner journey of sustainability
•    Drawing on our innate, innovative abilities to create a wonderful life for ourselves
•    Giving “business as usual” a cold, hard look to understand what the end of the industrial age means for all of us
•    The science and technology of sustainability

If it is specific solutions you are looking for, check the archives or browse the categories.

Working towards peace and sustainability

I know what I want, because I feel it. These are my simple truths:
•    One day I will leave this planet and all I take with me is the good I have felt
•    This life is a gift; treating it in any other way just does not feel right
•    I want those who come after me to have the same opportunities I have had
•    I need food, I need water, I need shelter and security. I need peace. If I have these things, I can get on with enjoying prosperity and all the joys of being alive.
•    As far as I am concerned, all people on the planet are in the same boat. We have to do this together.

On leaving a well-paid, fascinating career at Ericsson in 2003 I started to explore the techniques of innovation and to learn more about what sustainability really is.
Using the absolutely most powerful innovation techniques available to me on the planet I proceeded to sketch out answers to living sustainably.
The answers started to fall in place around the sustainable city of Porena. And I found myself longing to go back there, to learn how to make it happen in reality.

I want to share the techniques and the results. I want you to ask yourself what you really want from life, what you think is important to hand on to future generations, and what you want to do today.

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