Chapter 7: entering the continuum

The following excerpt comes from a novel in progress with the working title “Common man”. It’s about a journalist who sets out to come up with an alternative form of world governance. The book is a product of, and features,  imagestreaming, a technique of invention and creativity developed in the 80s by Dr. Win Wenger. For more information about imagestreaming, and about other imagestreamed novels and stories, visit this link. If you’d like to be kept up to date as new chapters get published, sign up using the form in the right-hand column. You might be able to follow the book better, especially this chapter, if you read the first chapters that explain imagestreaming. Read from the beginning by scrolling down all chapters here.

Many imagestreaming sessions have had me returning time and time again to a place that has solved a certain problem I was focussing on- learning other angles and aspects of the solutions. I seem to be straying from that pattern, focussing instead on commons and common property solutions to finding ways to live on the Earth and not degrade it. Can resilient communities actually exist at all? I have the idea that if people who lived in a place owned the market, then they would be better able to use it in a way that their purchases would benefit the local community and the local environment. My quest formulated thus: take me to a place where people own the local market and use it. I want to see how it works practically.