Got my shop on Second Life

As I blogged earlier, I believe SECOND LIFE ( offers possibilities to model ideas of sustainability, both as 3D worlds showing sustainable technology, like the Island of Etopia, and to try out the social side of sustainable living in communities, like the Island of Perfect Paradise.Second life maybe a good platform to spread ideas about Read more about Got my shop on Second Life[…]

I was in line with Keynes!

I am flabbergasted to know that my Imagestreamed suggestion for handling a controlled reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, the set up of an international environmental fund (EMF, based on IMF) was very much like the original proposal from Keynes back in 1944 for a world stabilization fund. Unfortunately, his ideas were not accepted and the Read more about I was in line with Keynes![…]

Karl Popper and Climate Science

(Thanks to Greenfyre’s – I borrowed an idea or two) Karl Popper’s thinking was that scientists should work hard to disprove theories. If they don’t succeed then it is a working theory until disproved. It’s more rigorous that way.An analogy might be comparing if you have 2 reports of an elephant. In one case it Read more about Karl Popper and Climate Science[…]