Interest-free banking

This simple film below highlights the Swedish JAK Bank that offers interest-free loans. Interestingly, it explains how most sectors of society pay interest but one actually earns more than it pays. It also explains how interest drives economic growth which itself drives a drawing down of ecological and mineral resources. Altogether a compelling argument for Read more about Interest-free banking[…]

Sustainable investing – the video

ASSET-BASED FINANCING: supporting sustainable local development. This video shows the possibility of using asset based finance to provide capital for consumers to invest in local, sustainable businesses to drive sustainable development. Read also the white paper “Units of Trust”.WHITEPAPER_Local-economyV1D

Video envisioning: Units of Trust

Imagine it were possible to, instead of just consuming, invest your money in local sustainable enterprises. As long as your money is with these enterprises, they provide you with your daily needs at a lower cost. You would need to work less and less as time goes on, with more time over to do what Read more about Video envisioning: Units of Trust[…]