A dialogue in Future Perfect

Reflections on my experiences at this year’s Future Perfect festival that brings does and thinkers of sustainability together The Future Perfect Festival, held on the Stockholm archipelago Island of Grinda, wrapped up recently. The event, now in its third year, is designed to provide a space for those engaged emotionally and professionally in sustainability; a Read more about A dialogue in Future Perfect[…]

Calling the circle training

No matter if you work with neighbors, in a cooperative, in a Transition Initiative or among volunteers, good relations and social cohesion are critical not only just to success, but maintaining good feelings and energy in the community. We’ve taken the best of what is available and put together an introductory training that prepares you Read more about Calling the circle training[…]

At Last! Dirt the movie…

Anyone intereted in understanding the complexities of sustainable  world food and water situation should watch this film. It carefull goes over the importance of theat which we give a negative namen to – dirt that may well be the most important piece of technology we have available to us! Follow this link here for a fuller explanation

The answer is the circle. The question is going to get thrown at you any time soon.

Photo: Meridith_farmer on Flickr

In the conference room, standing barefoot in a circle, holding hands together we wait for Medicine Story to speak:

“In the old ways, the tribe does everything in a circle.”

“The circle is what keeps us together, and in keeping together we survive.”


Second Life Island Perfect Paradise celebrates three years anniversary

Perfect Paradise (PP) is virtual community in Second life (SL) focussed on learning about community and sustainability. I joined early on. My aim was to learn about community to be able to transfer the knowledge to my real-life (RL) community, now called Änggärdet. Below is an account, written for the Island Newsletter, of why I Read more about Second Life Island Perfect Paradise celebrates three years anniversary[…]

Join the Imagestreaming Workshops in Stockholm

The evenings of Thursday 2 and 9 September, Open World Café , Stockholm hosts an exclusive Imagestreaming training with Stephen Hinton.

(The book Inventing for the Sustainable Planet was written using Imagestreaming)

The workshop is designed to give you the latest ” behind the eyes” techniques to access your hidden creativity to apply to problem solving and inventing.

You will leave with a tool-box of ways to come up with and implement innovations. And, depending on what you choose to work on during the workshop, maybe a whole new innovation.


UN’s Global Compact report reveals corporations ready to embrace sustainability

Corporations are poised to enter a new era where  environmental, social and corporate governance issues are embedded throughout operations, the supply chain and subsidiaries. This according to a  new report from the United Nations Global Compact and Accenture, based on a global survey of more than 750 CEOs and in-depth interviews with 50 of the Read more about UN’s Global Compact report reveals corporations ready to embrace sustainability[…]