Transition Camp and Circle Way Celebration

Slappna av, leka, lär – var med och semestra som en del av utvecklingen av en ny  en kultur av Omställning, För omställare, tribe up  people, och familjer som söker en semester med likasinnade från Nordeuropa11 Juli 14:00 – 15 Juli 16:00 på Mundekulla KonferenscenterTa med dina vänner och barn  till denna härliga sommarläger. Lägret erbjuder Read more about Transition Camp and Circle Way Celebration[…]

Join us in Sweden for a holiday, Transition-style!

TRANSITION CAMP 2016 Relax, play, learn in a culture of Transition For transitioners, tribe up people, and families looking for a holiday shared with like-minded people from Northern Europe July 11th 14:00 – July 15th 16:00 at Mundekulla Conference center Bring your friends and children along for this beautiful summer camp. The Camp offers an Read more about Join us in Sweden for a holiday, Transition-style![…]

(In Swedish) Lokal Ekonomisk Utveckling

För första gången på flera generationer verkar nästa generation komma att ha det mycket svårare än den föregående. Det har vuxit fram en insikt att det kanske inte planeras några räddningspaket från någon myndighet, utan att det är dags för vanliga människor att åstadkomma något själva. Redan nu poppar det upp lokala ekonomiska initiativ överallt. Enskilda initiativ har kanske ingen större betydelse, men tillsammans vävs en ny berättelse. Det börjar lokalt med en omställning till ett mer resilient, hållbart sätt att leva. En resilient hållbar lokalekonomi. […]

Learning from the ECO-ISLANDS conference


One of the electric cars you rent with a simple text message

Arriving at this year’s ECO ISLANDS conference, held on the Danish Island of Bornholm, I wasn’t expecting it to feel like a Transition meeting. I was attending the conference to discuss things related to my day job – pollution taxes. I was delighted as the conference progressed to discover that many islands around the world are going through their own transition process, even if most of them hadn’t heard of Transition Towns. ECO ISLANDS is a network of Islands that have stated that they are aiming toward sustainability, by signing something called the Accord, a statement of intent that over 50 islands have already signed. […]

Shifting Power, Shifting Economy


Lindsberg Conference Center basking in the late summer sunshine

Lindsberg conference center, just outside the Swedish town of Falun, saw three days of Powershift Sweden with PUSH, a youth movement conference for action for a fossil-free society. As a fellow of ISSS (the Institute of Swedish Safety and Security) and one of the founders of Transition Sweden, I brought the complementary currency ITK to the seminar  as the conference’s volunteer currency. […]

A dialogue in Future Perfect

Reflections on my experiences at this year’s Future Perfect festival that brings does and thinkers of sustainability together The Future Perfect Festival, held on the Stockholm archipelago Island of Grinda, wrapped up recently. The event, now in its third year, is designed to provide a space for those engaged emotionally and professionally in sustainability; a Read more about A dialogue in Future Perfect[…]

Transition movement meets the Circle Way at Camp

Back in July, participants from Sweden and Denmark gathered for the annual Circle Way camp hosted by Manitonquat, a Native American who bases his teachings on traditional tribal ways. The camp, held at the Mundekulla conference center, has been going for some 11 years now. This year for the first time they were joined by Read more about Transition movement meets the Circle Way at Camp[…]

New book shows the Power of Just Doing Stuff

Recently published by Transition Towns founder Rob Hopkins, this new book “The Power of Doing Stuff” encourages everyone to engage with the food security challenge as well as resilience in general. You can be a part of the change by engaging locally wherever you live. Around the world, people are seeing the limits – of Read more about New book shows the Power of Just Doing Stuff[…]

Transitioning away from fossil fuel: society is like an amoeba.

I spent a pleasant afternoon in the Swedish Town of Uppsala with the Upplandsbygd regional development organization and people involved in the Transition Towns movement from Sweden (Uppsala) and Scotland( the town of Fores) in a workshop that looked towards both regions’ development up to 2020. The workshop was organized as part of a cooperation Read more about Transitioning away from fossil fuel: society is like an amoeba.[…]