GAIA theory … time to get to know what it is all about?

Professor James Lovelock is the originator of the Gaia Hypothesis, which suggests the Earth functions as a single organism which maintains the conditions necessary for its survival. Many scientists have asked the question ”does the Earth have a thermostat?” Lovelock takes the idea one step further to suggest the Earth acts not as a mechanical Read more about GAIA theory … time to get to know what it is all about?[…]

Australia first to analyse fuel shortage impacts

Queensland Australia: Parliament member Andrew McNamara chairs the Back bench committee working on a report to recommend how Australia should address oil peaking.Andrew McNamara began to look into the peak oil issue after reading Richard Heinberg’s book. He quickly realized that his constituent city, Hervey Bay, with poor rail and sea links is especially vulnerable Read more about Australia first to analyse fuel shortage impacts[…]

No Waste Like Home…Starting tonight

Hats off to the BBC for bringing sustainability right into our living room with their program on reducing household waste and saving money.BBC 2 8:30 pm Thursdays. It’s about time. Industry has been working on these issues a long time, just to see each household using more energy and producing more waste. Program lead and Read more about No Waste Like Home…Starting tonight[…]

Fuel efficiency actually declines in US vehicle park

Carmakers are doing little towards increasing fuel efficiency. One downside is the energy security issue. Consuming 25% of the world’s oil and having a megre few month’s supply left in its land, the US is dependant on oil from countries that could one day for some reason decide to stop supply. An EPA report leaked Read more about Fuel efficiency actually declines in US vehicle park[…]

Finding the cure for addiction part three

Tapescript Journey to the cure for addiction #3See earlier scripts #2 #1 Looking for a cure for addiction to short term hits of happiness. An addiction-fostering environment means that there is no “natural” way for you to handle the addiction once you have started to exhibit additive behaviour. You simply have to consciously bring yourself Read more about Finding the cure for addiction part three[…]

Willits Community heads towards Localization

Very few communities, to our knowledge, have come so far as the city of Willits in California, USA. Starting from viewings of THE END OF SUBURBIA there are some 65 volunteers working to create a thriving, vibrant community with local energy and food production, sustainable water management and local manufacture. Click the link to hear Read more about Willits Community heads towards Localization[…]