BMW profits from flexible workforce solution

One of the challenges to sustainability is for European companies to retain production and job security in “old” Europe. Already tens of thousands of big-company manufacturing jobs are migrating to the ten new member states. The question: how can we retain manufacturing in major EU companies when wages are lower and skills are more or Read more about BMW profits from flexible workforce solution[…]

Origin of IFTSP techniques

The techniques of Inventing for the Sustinable planet are adaptations of a method called “image Streaming” invented by Win Wenger (see link below). Win Wenger, Ph.D., is a pioneer in the fields of creativity and creative method, accelerated learning, brain and mind development, and political economy. ‘From Image-Streaming on down — Win Wenger has been Read more about Origin of IFTSP techniques[…]

Parent powered Ferris wheel example of sustainability thinking

Sustainability requires new, creative combinations. We believe one way to achieve this is to ask questions like; ”how can we set up a fairground which amuses children, has low environmental impact and provides a stimulus to adult exercise at the same time?” The fairy tail trail in Sörmland in Sweden demonstrates these principles on the Read more about Parent powered Ferris wheel example of sustainability thinking[…]

Supplementary Questions Business Model: Centres of Well-being

Tapescript Visit to Centers of Well-being: supplementary questions (For new readers see “Read this is you are new” link to the right) Last time I was interrupted by the telephone. It has never happened before, and makes me realise how lucky I have been in that respect. This will take up where I left off. Read more about Supplementary Questions Business Model: Centres of Well-being[…]

Characteristics of sustainability: reflections

A friend writes: I live across from a park, and just in front of my house the municipality planted a bunch of new plants. The plants were small and people were walking across the plants in order to get to the park instead of using the designated entry points. This of course damaged the plants Read more about Characteristics of sustainability: reflections[…]

Answering questions about Centres of Well-Being

        IFTSP has been asked to penetrate the residual questions that came up during verifications. These are detailed above, covering transport, business model etc. The visualisation of Centres of Well-being is described in the earlier blogg. Follow the link below.         Tapescript: visit to Centres of Well-Being with Questions Read more about Answering questions about Centres of Well-Being[…]

Questions about the invention "Centres of Wellbeing"

Questions for verification and further investigation: Centre of well-being 1) How big should the area be? It seems to me it should be the size you can get on a map and how big is that? At the same time it should be big enough to be able to offer enough variety. 2) How would Read more about Questions about the invention "Centres of Wellbeing"[…]

Reflections: The Centre of Well-being

I am actually surprised by the simplicity of the solution – basing everything around a map! And simplicity is also a necessity. The other thing is that there is no new technology in this. Like many others involved in making a sustainable future we see that existing technology is sufficient. I am also struck by Read more about Reflections: The Centre of Well-being[…]