Envisioning a world without work

We are getting closer to 1984 and Brave New World, where people work but that has nothing to do with the cost of living, rather something they just have to do. In this article in the Guardian,  Nina Power analyses the disparity between the value add workers bring, to the amount of wages they take home. The theory has been that if Read more about Envisioning a world without work[…]

Sustainable investment

Sustainable investment is for investors who believe economic growth is close to being curtailed by lack of raw materials, energy shortfalls, restriction on greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of a sustained economic downturn . The challenges that face many business operations will come from: Rising prices or supply shortfalls of fossil fuels in their Read more about Sustainable investment[…]

We are in dire need of a paradigm shift to bring us into sustainability

We are in dire need of a paradigm shift. One that brings us into sustainability. Before I explain what this shift could entail I need to spend a short time talking about paradigms. The word first entered more general use in 1962, when Thomas Kuhn released the book The Structure of the Scientific Revolution. For Read more about We are in dire need of a paradigm shift to bring us into sustainability[…]

The Units of Trust scheme investing in local, sustainable enterprises

Units of trust are simple investment devices based on preferential debentures. Put simply, you invest money in a company you purchase from regularly. You do not get back money primarily from the company, but you get what money can buy – goods, services, or use of physical assets. When you wish, you can get the original investment back.

Of course, any company can issue an investment instrument like this, but we believe a local scheme has several advantages.

1) Education: the effort needed to explain to the public and to entrepreneurs is shared amongst those companies participating

2) Recognition. Local consumers will recognise the scheme and a shared scheme carries more credibility

3) Comparison. If units are valued similarly across the board, investors will be able to compare and contrast offerings from local companies. […]

Connecting people to sustainability: the uncomfortable truths

Attending  a recent workshop on sustainable development and regional development, I got involved in a working group looking at the challenge of connecting people and sustainability. The whole exercise gave food for thought so I thought I would share my notes here on my blog. Suppose you were on the management team of an organization Read more about Connecting people to sustainability: the uncomfortable truths[…]

Free e-book: Get ahead of the curve

I wrote this book, and am giving it away, because I am concerned that we citizens of Earth are heading for a crisis caused by the way we run things. Not just an economic crisis but a humanitarian crisis . This e-book will explain the five major reasons I see why you need to start Read more about Free e-book: Get ahead of the curve[…]

Updates to Units of Trust with Slow money

One thing I just realised about the UNITS OF TRUST scheme that I have been promoting, and am working on here in Sweden, is that is promotes the idea of slow money. One way of thinking about resilience in the local economy is to consider the Permaculture approach where the idea is to slow down Read more about Updates to Units of Trust with Slow money[…]

Mr Oil is already making a long, slow exit. You might not be seeing it though…

Since the end of the First World War, oil has been flowing into almost every aspect of our daily lives: as fuel, as basis for chemicals, as plastic, fabrics etc. In fact today, it is hard to think of a product that does NOT contain a large portion of oil or oil energy. Oil is Read more about Mr Oil is already making a long, slow exit. You might not be seeing it though…[…]

White paper on Powerdown

POWER DOWN … the main business challenge of the 2010’s.  What organizations need to know about the impact of liquid fuels on communities as oil prices hike and availability wanes. For officers in the public and private sector alike, this paper describes 16 main aspects of the coming energy situation. Organisations need to consider these Read more about White paper on Powerdown[…]

Video envisioning: Units of Trust

Imagine it were possible to, instead of just consuming, invest your money in local sustainable enterprises. As long as your money is with these enterprises, they provide you with your daily needs at a lower cost. You would need to work less and less as time goes on, with more time over to do what Read more about Video envisioning: Units of Trust[…]