April 27, 2009

Inventing for the Sustainable Planet

My bookThis  is no ordinary book.

Max Wahlter, a journalist specializing in science and technology, decides to leave his failing career to make money from sustainable technology.  He comes across an innovation technique called Imagestreaming that unlocks the innovative power of the mind to make almost anyone a Leonardo daVinci,. Max proceeds to create a vision of the sustainable society, publishing the results on his blog.

The novel follows his blog posts from first steps into the world of sustainability. Max takes us on an inner and outer journey from the annoyingly obvious though the impossibly simple via the inevitable awkward decisions to a deeper understanding of what we all need to do to secure this Earth for coming generations.

You get the opportunity to learnImagestreaming with Max, and to explore what sustainability might actually look like. You will also experience, through his eyes, how to overcome the barriers that most people see as stopping us living sustainably.

Most of the insights in the book can be found operational already – and the book gives internet links so you can verify for yourself.

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Although the visions presented are purely fiction, be prepared for surprises as the author seeks to verify the validity of the insights via the Internet.

Some of the contents

  • Max visits the sustainable city to find out why work and money are counter-sustainable
  • Advanced transport systems allow increased population density and many green spaces
  • One key to sustainable city design is to understand how to manage stress
  • Technosphere: man’s connection to the biosphere
  • Going from counter-sustainable to sustainable requires new techniques. Max encounters a behaviour-based methodology that proves highly effective
  • Why technology isn’t the answer and social development is.
  • Sustainable development study-circles
  • How to put a price on the environment
  • Re-thinking the supply chain gives better products and removes the challenge of waste

What readers say….

Where does he get it all from?
Eduardo Miranda, author of Implementing the high tech project office.

Most Intriguing.
Andrew Bibby, Times correspondent.

The conclusions drawn in this book are highly confronting to everyone.
Shirin Laji, member of Swedish IT Commission

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