AVBP launches executive briefing: Develop towards sustainability

Sustainability, it seems, costs money.  I have heard that business leaders have been bombarded with in-depth training lasting weeks, costing thousands and deflecting a sizeable chunk of your attention from focus on results.

Sustainabilty is something built in to every human as a survival tool. Most need a quick sharp introduction to get up and running. And we need to get running, the Industrial Capitalism models of doing business, temporarily made possible by cheap energy, are starting to show their age.

If you are an executive responsible for guiding your organisation through today’s choppy waters you need to have good insight into sustainability. We believe it  is either the future your organisation is going to develop into or the “black swan” of unexpected surprises that upset the apple cart of a cherished Buisiness as Usual.

Our short briefing will get you started on charting your organisation’s path into the future and actioning what needs to be done in a timely fashion

Order an in- house session or attend one of our scheduled briefings, lasting from one to three days.


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