Community finance briefing #5: the canvas overview

The community finance canvas consists of a set of community building blocks, each with a set of questions. The purpose of the canvas is to help you design your sustainable community and get to a stage where you can start to produce a financial plan. The canvas can be printed out or copied onto large Read more about Community finance briefing #5: the canvas overview[…]

New eco-village design

This new design (Click on it to see a larger image) is a first sketch for the assignment to design a village layout for a project in Brazil, a village that will house a conference centre in the middle of six sustainable farms. The centre and village will get its food (and coffee) from the Read more about New eco-village design[…]

The V2V fund

A lot of people nowadays long for a different lifestyle – a feeling of being close to nature, being part of a community and having somewhere they can enjoy living with a good, green conscience. But making the change is a huge step for many. You need time to get to know what you are Read more about The V2V fund[…]

Eco-village hosts post-peak oil Live Action Role-Play

Last week, our eco-village, Änggärdet, played host to two days of Live Action Role-Play (LARP) along the theme of how life could look in the near future, 2016-2027, post peak oil and economic collapse. Life after Capitalism! Live action role play, as I understand it, (I might have got this wrong, but this is how Read more about Eco-village hosts post-peak oil Live Action Role-Play[…]

New course in sustainable living 27 – 30 Sep.

People seek a sense of connectedness to nature. Many want to live in a way that is light on the earth and does not require huge amounts of debt and energy to function.  They want to invest in a way of life that they can believe in, economically and morally.  Since the 1980’s, systems ecologist Read more about New course in sustainable living 27 – 30 Sep.[…]

Sustainable, intentional communities: open world villages

The vision is simple: if everyone lived in intentional, sustainable communities – villages, city/town blocks – then the whole world would be sustainable. Supporting that vision is the Open World Villages networking site, newly launched by the Open World Foundation. Based on the powerful NING platform, the site is bringing together experts in their field Read more about Sustainable, intentional communities: open world villages[…]

Sustainable investment

Sustainable investment is for investors who believe economic growth is close to being curtailed by lack of raw materials, energy shortfalls, restriction on greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of a sustained economic downturn . The challenges that face many business operations will come from: Rising prices or supply shortfalls of fossil fuels in their Read more about Sustainable investment[…]

Second Life Island Perfect Paradise celebrates three years anniversary

Perfect Paradise (PP) is virtual community in Second life (SL) focussed on learning about community and sustainability. I joined early on. My aim was to learn about community to be able to transfer the knowledge to my real-life (RL) community, now called Änggärdet. Below is an account, written for the Island Newsletter, of why I Read more about Second Life Island Perfect Paradise celebrates three years anniversary[…]