Making it easy to buy extremely efficient products

Clearly, more effective products and techniques exist out there, but they are sometimes difficult to find. Who has the time to track it all down? Reactual is an organization of specialists and enthusiasts who are devoted to researching the most effective ways of producing the necessities of life. Their METAEFFICIENT guide aims to bring that Read more about Making it easy to buy extremely efficient products[…]

Ekotopia Centre for Sustainability

Ekotopia is a centre for sustainability situated just outside Aneby, 3,5 hours drive south of Stockholm. Designed originally as a place where sustainability principles were both practically demonstrated and developed, it is now developing into a conference centre and regional support centre. It offers top of the range lecture facilities with overnight accommodation, small meeting Read more about Ekotopia Centre for Sustainability[…]

How to connect money and environment

Tapescript: Please note: these exercises are done by people sometimes with expertise in the subject matter and sometimes without. The aim is stimulate your own thoughts and innovative powers and to get you involved in sustainability. We take no responsibility for the feasibility any of these ideas unless we have entered extensive verification and testing. Read more about How to connect money and environment[…]

Follow Tom Peters: Re – Imagine.

Listen to Tom Peters. He is urging every one to Re-Imagine. In times like these when uncertainty rises and (my words) the challenge of sustainability creeps ever higher up the priority list you need to respond appropriately. Not doing many small changes to many small things. Not any more. Re-imagine your company: the way you Read more about Follow Tom Peters: Re – Imagine.[…]

E-briefing # 2 What does sustainability mean to business?

These e-briefings are for people who are interested in a simple run-down on sustainability. We cover a wide area from how serious it is, to what it means to organizations though to ways of handling the challenges. We are going to give it to you straight as we see it, and try and point you Read more about E-briefing # 2 What does sustainability mean to business?[…]

Maslow’s hierarchy revisited

Porena follow up notes: Connection to Maslow and the Five Stresses Regular readers will remember that in the Sustainable Society of PORENA, a lot of work was done to understand what they called the five stresses. These were in the areas of 1) Nutrition 2) Shelter, including clothing 3) Mechanical stress, including safety aspects 4) Read more about Maslow’s hierarchy revisited[…]