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    • Proposals to create the resilient society
      This forum is dedicated to discussing the proposals for the essential components of the resilient society. In cooperation, AVBP, Stephen Hinton Consulting och The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation have been working on  a pathway to develop society to operate within the ecological and material constraints of the planet and at the same time ensure the basics for all. The proposal aims at installing a basic, nation-based capability to resist challenges like pandemics. This capability will preserve the essentials of economic system through the crisis, will mobilize people to critical functions and will directly help people in financial stress. It will also lay the foundations for the transformation of the economy post-crisis to one which works within ecological boundaries. It is not a solution that targets the whole economy. Rather it looks at maintaining a resilient core. It is neither based on any particular school of thought or economic theory, rather it is based on looking at the present system and seeing what might be a few practical next steps. The next, adjacent possible. Download the proposal from this page
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    • UBI Simulation Game
      The UBI simulation game ofter raises more questions than it answers. Welcome to this forum to pose questions to the game originators and the economists who have volunteered to help explain some of the more difficult aspects of UBI.
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