Water and Food Award announces finalists

The Humanitarian Water and Food Award’s mission is to promote food for all in a sustainable way. They have been looking for over a year for initiatives that send a message of hope that everyone on the planet can be fed. The situation today is miserable, with some billion undernourished and even more without access Read more about Water and Food Award announces finalists[…]

We are not in a period of climate change

We have gone beyond that; we are in a period of climate crisis. I agree with the Declaration written in Anchorage by indigenous representatives from the Arctic, North America, Asia, Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Caribbean and Russia. Mother Earth is no longer in a period of climate change, but in climate crisis. We therefore insist Read more about We are not in a period of climate change[…]

Interest-free banking

This simple film below highlights the Swedish JAK Bank that offers interest-free loans. Interestingly, it explains how most sectors of society pay interest but one actually earns more than it pays. It also explains how interest drives economic growth which itself drives a drawing down of ecological and mineral resources. Altogether a compelling argument for Read more about Interest-free banking[…]

Eco-villages are your best investment

Despite the widely held faith in the efficiency of free markets, the industrial capitalist model has arguably failed to deliver. Specifically, it fails to provide lasting economic security, food and shelter to large percentages of the world population. Furthermore, despite being blessed with the easy availability of massive amounts of fossil fuel, many countries are heavily in debt, threatening to burden each and every citizen for a long time to come.

The total land mass of the Earth is about 14,8 billion hectares. With a population of about 6,8 billion this means there are just over two hectares of land per person. Of this, only one hectare of land per person is habitable. We need to rethink what we invest in.

Whilst land is scarce and getting scarcer, so is oil. Figures from several sources indicate world oil production has reaches its maximum and is likely to fall per capita in the near future.


350 it shall be

I had the privilege to speak at the Stockholm 10:10:10 manifestation for climate awareness, meeting groups preparing in their way for life after fossil. It makes me think of the situation before the second world war, where the official line was long “peace in our time” whilst many Brits were busy preparing to handle German Read more about 350 it shall be[…]