Common, not economic, Man: Chapter one a place of governance.

The following is an excerpt from a coming book “Common man” which is a novel about a journalist who sets out to come up with an alternative form of world governance. The novel is a product of imagestreaming, a technique of invention and creativity developed in the 80s by Dr. Win Wenger. For more information about imagestreaming, and about other imagestreamed novels and stories, visit this link. If you’d like to be kept up to date as new chapters get published, sign up using the form in the right-hand column.

They say all journeys start with the first step. Mine didn’t; it started with some kind of rearrangement of atoms in my intuition. It felt like turbulence swirling in the mixing bowl of my gut feeling; mind, matter and soul, that came to rest in a deep urge to explore a new form of governance of global issues.