Complementary voluntary currency launches

We have just set up a test-bed for our latest currency experiment. COGS stands for Circle of Gifts, and is a complementary currency specifically designed to help local communities re-localise activities. The aim of re-localisation is to provide inhabitants with the possibility of an acceptable quality of life to inhabitants when traditional economic development fails, Read more about Complementary voluntary currency launches[…]

Mankind already exceeded safe boundaries for Earth?

Are there boundaries to the pressure mankind can put om the Earth? Are we near them or have we exceeded them? These are some of the questions researchers at the Stockholm Resilience Center have been asking. Image; Stockholm Resilience Centre. – The human pressure on the Earth System has reached a scale where abrupt global Read more about Mankind already exceeded safe boundaries for Earth?[…]

Carbon Counter from Deutsche Bank

I really like the carbon counter from Deutsche bank. It gives a scientific, factual approach to the unpaid for use of common resources: our climate system. You can download your own counter from their website, too. We need more initiatives like this to present what is happening in an easy, but factual way. The bank Read more about Carbon Counter from Deutsche Bank[…]

We really do have simple choices to make

We find ourselves in the aftermath of a giant financial meltdown. Yet few really understand the seriousness of the situation. Faced with the choice of either (a) reforming the economic system and ripping from the hands of the banking system its iron control of societies world wide, or (b) trying to patch the system up. Read more about We really do have simple choices to make[…]