Let EARTHSHIPS inspire you!

Self-sufficient, off-the-grid housing. An earthship is a building that not only provides shelter, but produces heating, electricity and drinking water, cleans waste water and provides food as well! The brainchild of architect and innovator, Michael Reynolds, these buildings have been appearing for more than three decades, many from recycled material. While others see “waste”, Michael Read more about Let EARTHSHIPS inspire you![…]

How Flexible Emissions Fees Can Drive Sustainable Development

ONE APPROACH TO CLEAN-TECH: TAKE EXISTING TECHNOLOGY AND ADD LAYERS OF CONTROL AND CLEANING Volvo engineer Anders Höglund managed to make a diesel engine burn clean by adding sophisticated control technology, thanks to advanced sensors and electronics. To make it even cleaner he added a catalyst converter to the exhaust. The story of the clean Read more about How Flexible Emissions Fees Can Drive Sustainable Development[…]

Me to climate deniers: we need to talk, like, now.

I have been following the debate from the climate denier side for a few weeks, mostly in fascination of how you can, in contrast to being a sceptic, go ahead and categorically deny the possibility that emissions into the atmosphere could create a climate system collapse.  So I figured that to be a denier you Read more about Me to climate deniers: we need to talk, like, now.[…]


Whitepapercover_UOTAs populations grow, and less and less oil is being found, the fossil fuel-dependent global supply chains and the banking system that supports them are becoming less functional. Relocalizing production and sales of daily needs reduces fuel dependence, waste, and increases local employment and community resilience. However, today’s financial system is more geared to large national and global corporations. […]

Leonado daVinci imagestreamed!

I saw an exhibition of Leonardo daVinci’s notebooks. His sketches looked very much like he was imagestreaming. They seem to just come from nowhere. A program on TV shows how they tried to take his drawings and build full scale models. One comment was that he often got things “the wrong way round” or “purposely Read more about Leonado daVinci imagestreamed![…]