April 24, 2009


newsletterThese newsletters present stories from the book INVENTING FOR THE SUSTAINABLE PLANET as “reports from the future” featuring sustainable solutions. If you can envision it it can happen. Positive images of the your preferred future can help us find our way. And it’s fun. Here are the back issues of the (IN) TIMES. A newsletter from a future where people have taken the task of sustainable development seriously.

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Current  Edition
Achieving a true local economy: This story from the future explains how a bank and a fund work together to create a local economy.

Past Editions
• Meet the city management
This is a story of the GO-ALONG society of Porena. City management explains how you can live without working.
• Complementary currency
From a city not unlike New York that abandons traditional currency for a free local exchange and trading system. An Englishman invests and gets involved.
• Module based manufacturing
This story explains how new forms of manufacturing, supply chains and branding realize the cradle to cradle vision of constantly recycling and manufacturing to last.
• Energy Descent
The town of Redford transitions. Read how they did it.
• Imagestream advanced instructions
If you have got into Imagestreaming by reading the book, this is a tool to help you get more our of it.
Explains the theory behind the sustainable use of technology.
• Fast start of Intentional communities
(Bonus, not in the book) Explains how Intentional communities can be set up fast to create a society resilient to energy shortages, among other things.
Radiality explained This Newsletter explains some of the thinking behind the approach to city planning used in the city of PORENA. And some interesting maths!

The Technical Center. This newsletter visits a building where everything happens – from rain water collection to biochar and sequestration.

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