An example of technosphere thinking

(please see earlier article to explain what Technosphere is, and follow up article on characteristics) Instead of owning bicycles they are leased. At regular service they are repaired, parts replaced are recycled. Unreparable parts go into a nutrient recycle process. New bicycle parts are made or the recycled raw materials go to other processes, This Read more about An example of technosphere thinking[…]

Describing technosphere part 2

Applying Technosphere thinking(click on the link to go to first essay).A typical description of a section of the Technosphere (or technome as an analogy with biome which is part of the biosphere) contains the following categories; Service Provided Systems involved Man-hours input Nutrients input Nutrients Output Main critical techno – biosystem interfaces How these are Read more about Describing technosphere part 2[…]

Introduction to Technosphere

Economic growth is widely accepted as the best way to create an acceptable living standard. The World is seeing economic growth and living standards. Average world economic growth is happening at a rate of about 4% per year, in some places like China growth is exceeding 9%. Creating this growth requires an increasing spiral of Read more about Introduction to Technosphere[…]

Sustainable investing – Units of trust – Session 2

PREAMBLE .The background to these sessions is my interest in investing in sustainability. In earlier sessions I visited one place that has been successful using a system called Unit Trusts. These can be placed in organizations providing for a standard of living in a sustainable way.Please read session one before proceeding if you have not Read more about Sustainable investing – Units of trust – Session 2[…]