About Imagestreaming

Imagestreaming is a set of innovation techniques I use to envision the sustainable society and sustainable ways of living.  These techniques were invented by Win Wenger PhD after he looked into how well-known inventors and scientists use imagery as part of their creative process.

For instructions on how to Ímagestream please see Dr Wengers site.

These simple techniques consist of describing “mental” images out loud into a tape recorder or to a live partner. Tapescripts, edited, from such sessions make up large portions of my book, Inventing for the Sustainable Planet.

In writing the book, I developed specific techniques for sustainable inventing.  Download the briefing here(.pdf).

Stephen Hinton frequently runs imagestreaming courses, for personal attendance and over the Internet. Contact us via the contact pages for a list of upcoming training sessions. See the Imagestreaming workshop (.pdf) .

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