Why am I making a hobby out of capitalism?

Well I am not going to be paid, that is for sure, there are so many experts out there that get down to the fine nitty gritty.

Look. I like theoretical stuff. When I worked for a large corporation I enjoyed working with the corporate management system, multi-project management methodology, aligning mission, strategy, goals and activities, finding ways to capture, document and follow up. In fact, creating an information cockpit so you could smoothly fly a nation’s activities would be something I would love to tthingk about.

But just now I am unemployed and the theoretical, analytic side of me needs to keep going. I need the intellectual stimulation like others need jigsaw puzzles. Oh, yes, the TV is broken too.

Some people collect stamps, others antiques, me I collect systemic ideas. Hey – it’s free country! And the Internet is free!

For me, I just want to understand the system I am living under. I never studied economics and I do not understand the newspapers. In fact, if you search the web you do not find a lot of high – level explanations and general discussions of the type I feel I need.

This is on my mind just now:

  • What is capitalism?
  • Why is it seen to be so good?
  • What about it is creating the “error” as the picture suggests?
  • Can it be fixed in parts or does it need a re-design? (Re-engineering the capitalist system sounds like a cool theoretical exercise and discussion)
  • Specifically I hope to understand where capitalism as a system or system of practice is causing society to behave counter-sustainably.
  • If I can find that, maybe we can start to apply some sensible fixes.

Maybe. Or at least I will have enjoyed myself.

Let me know if you enjoy following my journey and if you have any suggestions for where to find information and perspective.

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2 thoughts on “Why am I making a hobby out of capitalism?”

  1. Hello Stephen,
    One basic thing – don’t think about capitalism as a system and a machine. It is not a system, it is an abstract concept, that sometimes can be used to describe economic systems.
    The notion of a system implies ideas of a machine-like behavior. Like with certain input, certain outcomes appear. That is not a generally true. Sometimes capitalism follows the “logical” rules, sometimes not. Capitalism is not rational, logical system – it is build by humans and like everything else man-made it is full of inconsistencies, compromises, flaws, etc.
    As you know I have more to say on this subject – but all for now.
    Ha det gott / Bengt

  2. I fully agree actually! It is certainly not a system and not even a system of thought. As I said in an earlier post, I am looking for some general basic things we can agreee on are Capitalism. I am tending to think I need to look at the idea of grammar. Grammar describes how things work, without digging into why they are the way they are. Hitchcock helped develop.the grammar.of films. Maybe we can find where this almost ungraspable beast capitalism is driving us counter-sustainable.

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