My new hobby: capitalism

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Well, now I have turned sixty I thought I should get a hobby.

Looking around for something intellectually stimulating to work with, fun, something to have an argument about and possibly something useful – either to make me money or preferably help bring the world more sustainable.

Capitalism: I chose capitalism. I mean, a lot of people praise it as the answer to everything. Some people are calling for its revamping and some are calling it evil.

My initial analysis – not so deep – reveals to myself that I do not know what it is. So the first step of this hobby is to find out what capitalism is. When I have done that I can look into various aspects of it to see where in its dna, if anywhere, the evil code is written.

Sounds like a fantastic fantasy adventure, a bit like Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the evil capitalists.

This is going to be such fun!

I might start with Micheal Moore’s film; Capitalism a Love Story. Or not.

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