At last, a course in setting up an eco-unit is available

Eco Unit

Many people dream of living in a way that burdens neither nature nor their personal finances. They seek a sense of closeness to and connection with nature. We have developed a course to help.

Since the 1990’s, Folke Günther has been developing a concept for an eco-village called eco-units. More recently, in a few locations around Sweden, groups have begun the process of establishing eco-units. One of them is Änggärdets eco-unit in Flen.

Actually, there is absolutely no need to move or build new houses. Any residential area at the edge of an urban area can be converted to an eco-unit. .


The purpose of the workshop is to provide sufficient insight into eco-units for you to be able begin forming a group interested in setting up their own village.

The workshop is for you who

  • Want an intensive education in the concept
  • Want to link theories of human ecology, ecological and environmental issues into practical solutions
  • Is permaculture-interested, or wants to learn more about the design of residential
  • Want to hear from people who are already under way on the practical possibilities and difficulties that have arisen.
  • Want to meet like-minded people who are thinking along the lines of d eco-units and Transition.


• Why an eco-unit now – peak oil, peak phosphorus, and climate destabilization

• Nutrients: The key topic of phosphorus

• Ecoogical maturity

• Permaculture

• Cooperation forms – limited liability company, business association, or something else?

• Food production – agriculture as a key function of nutrient recyclingt

• Water recycling – how plants cope with treating water if we avoid polluting it

• Solar heating and solar electricity

• Biochar l: a win-win-win solution

• Urine separating toilets: the basis for recycling and water recycling

• Ruralisering-urban development with eco-units • Seven principles for successful community living initiatives

• Dimensioning and designing the system – calculations

• A project to start a eco-unit – proposals


Lectures with discussion groups, presentations from  Änggärdets eco-unit, discussion with the owners.


2-4 days depending on the depth required.


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