May 28, 2009

Walking cities and Urban Walking Maps

Walking around is most natural for humans, good exercise and environmental. The walking cities concept is at the forefront of urban development.

One place to start is to create a walking map of the area.

We project manage and produce a range of urban walking maps. Walking is the natural way to move about, it promotes health and reduces fossil fuel transport. These maps help support communities’ health and environmental development.

* Routes as shortcuts for daily life as well as recreation
* Paths, tracks and walking shortcuts so you can plan your daily routes and outings
* Distance markers give clear indication of distances
* Health advice to get you out walking quickly
* Activity providers in the area to cover all needs
* Places of interest to entice you out
* Cafes and restaurants so you can walk at e.g lunch time
* Conversion tables to enable you to count steps, calories, and calculate distance and time as well as walking speed

Benefits of walking maps

* Shows routes for leisure time and shortcuts for the workday.
* Encourages walking by showing routes and things to do and see
* Helps plan walk with tables and conversions
* Can be used for teaching all kinds of subjects in local schools.

Read the article about the GET WALKING! map of Huddinge, Sweden.

All communities’ needs for walking maps are different. Contact us to discuss how best you can support development in your area with a walking map.

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