Collaboration Café

People generally agree that for the developed world to wholeheartedly face up to the challenge of climate change we need across the board collaboration.Collaboration cafés show that it is actually, given the right structure to proceedings, easy, effective and enjoyable. Collaboration cafés are definitely one of the best inventions for a sustainable planet.

Check in and information gathering about participants.

Issues at the top of delegates´agenda are captured and categorized for handling later.

After several subject matter presentations, instructions how this 50 delegate large operation is going to work.

People who have never met each other before are thrown into the work even at the lunch table!

Most work is done at carefully prepared tables.

A few minutes instruction is all that is needed.Groups work, change members, get new questions.

Results are presented and debated with the expert panel.

Thelink below goes to Sustainable Leadership, a company collaboring with our company (A Very Beautiful Place) offering facilitation and design of these cafés.

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