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Envisioning and inventing techniques, inventions, insights

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Visions of a peaceful, sustainable future

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A Very Beautiful Place uses techniques of imagestreaming invented by Wim Wenger.


The visions are presented in stories, diagrams, white papers, videos and any other way that works.

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…. from the sustainable future


INVENTING FOR THE SUSTAINABLE PLANET. Looking for career change, journalist Max Wahlter gets to vist a sustainable city. He hopes to find inventions he can sell but discovers it is not that easy.

White Papers

Some inventions described in detail as well as some background papers on sustainability.

Circular Economy

Visit our online Circular Economy school to learn more. Free E-Book!

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What I do


Why envision?
As we are reaching the end of the industrial age, I believe we need a positive vision of the future without abundant fossil fuel. Postive becase we are surrounded by negative views of ourselves humanity and our prospects. We also need to fix the economic system that got us into this predicament.
This blog presents my work envisioning sustainable living arrangements for cities and rural areas. I also offer alternative financing strategies that support sustainable development.

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