October 13, 2009

WORKSHOP: Creating innovations out of the blue. Innovation techniques beyond brain-storming.

Background: As the challenge of transforming the Industrial Growth Economy becomes more critical, so does the need for innovations with a totally new approach. We are facing new situations where experience from the last 80 years is no guide. We need to recover the wisdom of our ancestors, who, without fossil fuels, survived and made our life possible. Many call this the period in history of the Great Turning.

Is there a way to just ”come up” with solutions ”out of the blue” given a concrete problem to solve? Leonardo da Vinci and Einstein seemed to have this gift. What did they do? Did they close their eyes? The  same thing for our ancestors: they did not have the luxury of wondering about where they could import technology from. They solved problems using what they had at hand. Years of research into innovative strategies by Dr. Win Wenger have synthesized findings about the mental process of innovation into a set of techniques called Imagestreaming.

But to go from insight to action requires innovation too. This workshop addresses these alike. Stephen Hinton, former Program manager at Ericsson and Managing Director of Purity AB, a water purification company has developed and used these techniques to produce the book ”Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”.

The techniques are remarkably simple to learn and apply.

Workshop Objectives:

To teach the basics of imagestreaming and to apply the techniques to a current transition challenge requiring innovation. You will leave with a tool-box of ways to come up with and implement innovations. And, depending on what you choose to work on during the workshop, maybe a whole new innovation.

Who should attend?

Those who are interested in exploring the”behind the eyes” techniques of innovation, and open to trying radical new approaches.


  • How they did it….. Some historical insights into innovators
  • Using intuition… exploring your own intuition practically
  • Framing the assignment…… one of the often forgotten essentials
  • Imagestreaming practice …. guided by a long-term practitioner
  • Your own mini-project ….. get started on your own invention
  • Visualisation, Modern tools to initiate positive change, including mind movies, stories from the future and some innovative uses for Powerpoint.
  • Three things all ideas need: process, operational model, and plan
  • Verification, documentation and following up … getting the steps in the right order

Practical details

Timing: One to three day workshop

Workshop leader: Stephen Hinton, author ,”Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”

Workshop method: Short presentations and practical exercises.

Prices: Contact us for an offer.

More information



Stephen Hinton started out as a Science teacher in the UK. On moving to Sweden he became a management skills trainer teaching courses in new learning techniques as well as creativity in decision making. He moved to Ericsson in 1998 and began working with new products and services, culminating in the division responsible for the roll-out of 3G. He is currently project manager of the innovative “Humanitarian Water and Food Award”.

A long time follower of creativity expert Win Wenger, he applied Win’s techniques of Imagestreaming to produce a book on innovation and sustainability. ” Inventing for the Sustainable Planet” ( 2008, Lulu publishing)  is a novel and a showcase for how to use the techniques for innovation.

He has regularly held training sessions in the techniques, and at least two of the product ideas from his Imagestreaming sessions have come all the way to being available on the market.

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