Sustainability trends 2005

Predictions and hopes for the coming year…

SLEEP. Yes, that time honoured thing we all try to get away without and end up paying a non-sustainable price will be a lot bigger in 2005. Look for companies increasingly selling a good nights’ sleep in their products, unions demanding working hours to allow for good sleep, and more investigations into negative effects of poor sleeping patterns. Youth will be particularly affected by the “ever on” society during the year, possibly producing lower academic results.

I hope to see and end to all “SLEEP LATER” adds targeted at youth.

NEW WAYS OF WORKING. People are wising up to the fact that work does not always produce what it promises and will be demanding more flexible hours to be with their families and hobbies instead of putting all their personal development effort into their job. Again, look for union intervention, flexible office solutions, focus on job design etc.

MORE WALKING. The cheapest and simplest way to burn fat and get around. We hope to see city planners get wise to the fact that fossil-burning vehicles have their limitations and we actually like to spend half and hour day doing what comes most naturally.

POVERTY Attention will be turning to poverty as a major non-sustainable aspect of life on this planet at present and about time too. Look for poverty turning up in media both in reportage and fiction and comedy. Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown is calling for an all-out effort to end poverty, and is calling for a kind of Marshall Plan similar to that implemented after WW2. More on the Marshall plan later.

Extreme Weather We are sure it’s going to happen and be more in the news. It’s going to cost businesses more than they bargain for. The year started “well” with the worst storm in Sweden for 100 years with economic damage, loss of life and 3 years of timber growth lost. For some it could be economically advantageous for others it will bring unexpected losses. Get ready!


CLIMATE CHANGE Look for a big hoo-haa around “it IS a problem No it ISN’T”. In case you missed it State of Fear , Michael Crichton’s new book is about, as he sees it, the non-problem of climate change and governmental information manipulation. Publicity around his book will hit the media and create a debate. Click for more info on the book.

CAN’T GET HAPPY- PEOPLE FALLING INTO ADDICTIONS More and more during 2005 debate will rage around gambling addiction, workaholism, sex and relationship abuse, food abuse, computer game addiction etc. Western lifestyle unfortunately makes it easy for people to develop these addictions because consumerism gets people looking for short hits of happiness, giving ever decreasing returns.

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