10,000 steps a day for health

Get walking!

It is well known that intervention in nutrition and exercise produces positive results in adults at risk of high BMI (Body mass index, a measure of overweight.)

It has also been demonstrated that this is possible to achieve with simple methods like increasing the number of steps the sedentary individual takes to a level of something like 10,000 a day, equivalent to 30 minutes walking at a pace where conversation is possible.

Sedentary people in the USA generally move only 2000-3000 steps a day. Previous studies have shown that moving 6000 steps a day significantly reduces risk of death, and 8000-10,000 a day promotes weight loss.

The idea was invented by the Japanese who call it Manpo-kei, meaning literally ?10,000 steps meter?.

We are currently looking into ways of stimulating a 10.000 step a day culture in both local communities and companies.

In Sweden we are producing “get out and walk” maps for local communities. These maps show local walking paths and routes for everyday and recreational use. On the reverse side they give addresses, advice and tables for use with step counters.

One idea: on the underground walking between lines instead of changing at an intersecting station. A brief survey of Stockholm underground shows there are a number for different combinations for all lines less than 3km (18 minutes) apart!

We recommend the book Manpo-kei

Click to learn more about Manpo-Kei: The Art and Science of…

Click on the link for our contact details if you want to explore further!

Or why not just get out and explore your neighbourhood further?

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