From the Charles Eisenstein event

  1. Last night’s event with Charles Eisenstein was like listening to a spellbinding story teller, the story of the old story and the story of the new emerging. I twittered like mad until my battery ran out. Here are the tweets unedited.


    #ceisenstein disrupt the old story with love and kindness; miracles happen when you come in the flow

  2. #ceisenstein change agents can offer experience of new story: connection, love, acceptance

     #ceisenstein now age of gifts. Leaders hold the story. Leaders encourage all to give gifts.
  3.  #ceisenstein sees mans exponential growth as childhood. Painful passage of rites ahead as we go to adulthood.
  4.  #ceisenstein money no longer created as debt would see universal basic income
  5.  #ceisenstein new story is give of your gifts all have gifts to give

  6. #ceisenstein despair and powerlessness built in to story.
  7. #ceisenstein activism coming together with spiritualism. See occupy!
  8. #ceisenstein impulse of heart validates acts against logic of mind.

  9. #ceisenstein the NEW story is no force no separation but validation of kindness
  10. #ceisenstein at the root of our current deep crisis is the mythology our institutions rest on. Separation % force
  11.  #ceisenstein I found where we get our ideas about what is possible comes from institutions that create the misery.
  12. #ceisenstein my optimism is not from ignorance of all negative in world.
  13. #ceisenstein economic growth merely about more services paid for not measure of development.
  14. Full house at #ceisenstein 
  15. #ceisenstein Hopi saying: we are the ones we have been waiting for
  16. #ceisenstein event kicks off with rousing song

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