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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Community finance briefing #5: the canvas overview

Posted by steve on April 13, 2013


The community finance canvas consists of a set of community building blocks, each with a set of questions. The purpose of the canvas is to help you design your sustainable community and get to a stage where you can start to produce a financial plan. The canvas can be printed out or copied onto large paper and hung on the wall or spread out over a large table. When going through the canvas we let our imaginations produce a picture of how the community could be when it is fully developed.

To view the full canvas download it here.


New Article about the Community Finance Canvas in REconomy project

Posted by steve on March 1, 2013

The REconomy Project published an article about the Canvas method recently. The Project  aims to help build the capacity of Transition Initiatives, and other community organizations doing similar work, to grow a new kind of local economy. It’s aimed at people active in Transition, or similar.

Through their website, they hope to provide some inspiration, processes, knowledge and tools that will help a community as it undertakes this exciting adventure. This includes leadership and visioning, transforming existing businesses and starting new enterprises. Their golden rule is to not duplicate what’s already out there, so they have some links to other organisations that already offer help and information.

The community finance canvas helps you produce a financial plan to bring your design for a resilient community into being. This approach has been developed by a group within Transition Sweden, through a process of trial and error. The purpose of the canvas is to help you bring your design for a resilient community closer to a stage where you can start to produce a financial plan.

Community finance briefing #4: the object method

Posted by steve on December 12, 2012

This edition of the briefing takes you through the planning process where you identify key objects, what they deliver and how they integrate with each other as well as the costs and revenues associated with them. The object method is a neat, structured way of putting the high -level design on the table for all of you to discuss and brainstorm around. And as you will see later, it is a great help with producing the business plan.

Download this latest edition here! newsletterfp#4_objects

Update to Financial Planning Canvas: download now!

Posted by steve on December 11, 2012


We are just releasing the latest version of the community finance canvas. This canvas offers a basic structure for groups working to develop their local economy.

Start from how the local economy, (or the part of it you are focusing on), could be, not how it is. Working from the middle and outwards, add and subtract, changing as you go until you get a feel for the initiative as a whole.

What we have added from last time is inspiration from the Reconomy project, part of the British Transition Movement.

  • The community gives something back to the wider community
  • Resource availability and circulation constraints are taken in to account in planning
  • Resilience, the ability to withstand external pressures are taken in to account

To use the canvas, download it and print it out on a large paper, or copy it over to a large paper.

Start in the centre to consider assets and work your way out. You will probably need to go back to add, change subtract, until you get a clear picture of how your future community can work.

Good luck!


Re-inspiring communities

Posted by steve on September 3, 2012

It was great to meet so many people interested in joining in the dialogue around community development at Future Perfect festival held recently in Vaxholm, just outside the Swedish capital, Stockholm. So much arose out of that dialogue that I felt it was worth recording a summary from memory here it is:
WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Community finance briefing #3: from consumer to community

Posted by steve on July 8, 2012

Are there financial models that show communities how to realign their financial dealing to stop money leaking? This newsletter explores the possibilities to set up such arrangements.  Download it here … newsletterfp#3_financeB

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Community finance briefing #2: defining community

Posted by steve on June 15, 2012

The second edition of the community finance briefing is now out!” These briefings come from previews of the new handbook slated to be published in the Autumn of 2012.
In this edition

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Community finance briefing #1: A permaculture approach to organisation

Posted by steve on June 13, 2012

The first edition of the community finance briefing is now out!” These briefings come from previews of the new handbook slated to be published in the Autumn of 2012.
In this edition

  • What founder Bill Mollison says about finance
  • Why a community is not a company
  • What communities should deliver

DOWNLOAD HERE newsletterfp#1_mollison

The community finance canvas handbook

Posted by steve on June 10, 2012

Community Finance Design Handbook
This  handbook is for social economy innovators, community builders, and sustainable developers. It helps you develop communities that demonstrate people care, planet care in a way that provides the basic needs of community members.
This handbook  written by Stephen Hinton, acts as an introduction to thinking financially about community initiatives and covers how  create a basic draft of your organisational idea, analyse capital needs and match them to people who will be in the community and those who will support it. It take you through the basics of choosing the appropriate legal structure and how to feed figures into a business plan.

Use this handbook to bring your community members together to see how they can make their dreams in to reality.

Still in production and slated for release in the Autumn of 2012, you can get sections of the book in advance by signing up for our free  COMMUNITY FINANCE BRIEFINGS and get the opportunity to buy one of the first set of discounted copies.
The whole methodology is being tested with various groups, as part of the training in using the canvas methodology.
Learn more about this training here.

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