Update to Financial Planning Canvas: download now!


We are just releasing the latest version of the community finance canvas. This canvas offers a basic structure for groups working to develop their local economy.

Start from how the local economy, (or the part of it you are focusing on), could be, not how it is. Working from the middle and outwards, add and subtract, changing as you go until you get a feel for the initiative as a whole.

What we have added from last time is inspiration from the Reconomy project, part of the British Transition Movement.

  • The community gives something back to the wider community
  • Resource availability and circulation constraints are taken in to account in planning
  • Resilience, the ability to withstand external pressures are taken in to account

To use the canvas, download it and print it out on a large paper, or copy it over to a large paper.

Start in the centre to consider assets and work your way out. You will probably need to go back to add, change subtract, until you get a clear picture of how your future community can work.

Good luck!


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