Meet me at the Sustainability Conference in Sweden 17-18 July

2nd Sustainability Conference 17-18 July in Mundekulla, near Emmaboda, Sweden.

This year’s theme: “Man and Nature”

“Think seven generations forward in every important decision”

Native American proverb

Scientists, business leaders, politicians and ordinary people are increasingly beginning to question our lifestyle.
How has it become the way it is  and what can we do about it? How can we create a sustainable future?
These questions are vitally important and affect  us all. The change begins with each of us and together we can make a difference if we take these  issues seriously ….
The conference takes place in conjunction with the annual Circle Way Camp

Inspiring lectures, meetings and talks!
Welcome to experiential events where you get inspiration to take steps towards your vision of how to live, work and live. Over the weekend, involved representatives from different parts of the world will give their perspective on the human attitude towards nature. After each lecture small groups will gather where everyone can express their own thoughts and attitudes.  The  weekend concludes with an “Open Space Forum” in which all participants are invited to share their thoughts. On Saturday night, we offer film shows, slide shows, dance, movement and mingling. Lectures are held in simple English and translated on request.

From the programme:
-The Original Instructions
Has the man lost his original relationship with nature? Is there a way back?
Listen to a fascinating lecture based on the original Indian wisdom
Indian Medicine Story, 81 years (USA) & Ellika Linden
-Transition Towns / Transition Sweden
A unique worldwide initiative to meet the challenges of peak oil and climate change. It starts with you and me and local initiatives!
Stephen Hinton (England), author of the book “Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”

From mechanical to ekocentrisk worldview! What do the ancient and modern philosophers (Aristotle, Descartes, James Lovelock and Peter Singer on our relationship with nature.
Tania Rebel (Holland) MD in Ethics, Religion, Society

-Permaculture and The Cuban Way
A fascinating lecture on Sustainable Development in South Africa and Cuba! Be inspired by the basics of Permaculture – an approach that includes everything from farming to urban planning.
Ezio Gori (SA) Sustainable Development Consultant
-Auroville – A Sustainable Example
Auroville is a unique eco-village in India where people from all over the world live and have created a common vision and a sustainable example

Saturday at 09:30, 17 July – Sunday at 17:00, July 18 (Arrive Friday evening)

Stay  in tents (for free), mobile home, dormitory, single electricity. doubles.

All meals are included such as lunch, dinner on Saturday and breakfast, lunch and refreshments on Sunday.

Price including food
1600: – in your own tent
Reduced rates for children and adolescents and the possibility to rent rooms

Extra night
We offer the opportunity to arrive a day before according to the pricing below.
100: – in your own tent
150: – on the mattress in the dormitory
250: – in double room with shared shower & toilet
350: – in double room with private shower & toilet
500: – single room with private shower & toilet

Read more about our rental rules and how the notification works. Click here
Registration is done online as below link or by phone: 0471-50450 alt



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