Transition Conference, DAY THREE

Transition Conference Day Three Day three was rather diminished as I had to get to London to catch the last flight back to Sweden the same day. I did manage however to attend the Web meeting with Ed Mitchell.

(Listen to an interview with Ed, he explains it better)

What Transition are doing is truly revolutionary, While most charities would aim to set up websites that mirror the look and feel of the central organization, Transition in the UK are taking a strictly “hands off” approach. Countries, continents, cities, districts and neighbourhoods may set up their webs as best they will. On the other hand, every transitioner in the world is welcome to sign up on their site, (and post links to their own) as is every initiative and project. This way, the central site will connect people, initiatives and projects without having to host them.

The same applies for International subject groups and discussions, which the new site will host. I love the open, hands-off, yet coordinating and networking role Ed and Transition have been able to create. I wish them luck with getting funding for the next project, which will pill all these things together real time via a giant RSS aggregator. In the meantime, I will be carrying on with the Transition Sweden site on the NING platform, hoping to take some inspiration from the UK site and linking in where I can.

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