World oil production and consumption set to fall

It may sound incredible, but there HAS to be a finite amount of oil in the world. The figures here are based on what is already discovered and what is thought to be available. And they are finding  less and less oil by the year.  So with the world population slated to grow by another 30-40 % up to 2050, we can see coming generations are not going to have the opportunities for cheap and easy energy supply that we have enjoyed.

From now on, energy constraints are going to upset most business plans and probably make the world hunger problem worse, as a lot of fuel is needed for modern agriculture.

Even though estimates of remaining oil vary, they all mean the same thing: we are on the other side of the slope. Never again will we see the current  levels of oil production per capita.

What will this mean for our way of life? For the economy? It is an opportunity to rethink money and to innovate. What could this look like? Sign up for updated by e-mail or come back.

In the meantime, the world fossil fuel output per capita is discussed at length on the Oil Drum.

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