Sustainable Supply Chain Management tools from Nordic Partnership

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Ensuring sustainability through the supply chain will help your company minimize risks, improve operational performance and efficiency and improve competitiveness.

However, those companies intending to face the challenge of sustainability throughout their supply chain may find the task insurmountable. For example: what do they need to consider before embarking on the task, what approaches are available and how to choose between them, and once key areas are identified, how much is needed to be invested?

To tackle the Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) challenge head on, a group of representatives from Volvo Cars, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Danisco, Brdr Hartmann, P&G Nordic, ITT Flygt, Posten AB, Cowi, ERM and Unido, got together to produce a diagnostic approach. This project is managed by Iver Drabæk, of Drabæk Consult, on behalf of the Nordic Partnership Secretariat.

The team produced a diagnostic tool to help with the above questions. It is released at version 1.00. More information is on the website The tool can be downloaded from

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