Zurich Cantonal Bank (ZKB) put Sweden first and USA last in sustainability league

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Sustainability rating is increasingly becoming a factor for investors. ZKB are pioneering the development of sustainability index to compare countries. To our mind, rating is a good way to make it clear to everyone how important sustainability is, and in simple terms, what needs to be done. And, that many times SIMPLE SOLUTIONS are available. (See earlier posts on our Innovation training)

Their recent report places Sweden first, followed closely by Denmark and Switzerland. And USA ends up at the bottom.

Factors giving Sweden high marks include low relatively per capita CO2 gas emissions and high efficiency. FSC certified forests, a high share of organics farmland (6%) and high biodiversity rank high too. Sweden achieved the best social rating, Sweden spends most on research and development (4.6% of GDP) and Corporate Social responsibility – CSR -performance is high.

The USA registered the lowest result in no less than three areas. The highest meat consumption, very high paper consumption, the highest waste volumes and low recycling rates.

CO2 emissions, at 20 tonnes per capita, are by far the highest.

In social rating USA came 23rd. The large number of overweight people and low tobacco and alcohol prices had a negative impact on healthcare.

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