Fours years. GO!

Four years Go is campaign to change the course of history. Really.

The impetus and initial stewardship for Four Years. Go. comes from a core group of four organizations. The Pachamama Alliance, as part of that group, has provided the funding for the initial development of Four Years. Go. and is acting as the initial fiscal sponsor for the initiative. As soon as sufficient funds have been secured, and momentum achieved, a new legal and organizational structure for Four Years. Go. will be created—one that is global in scope, with an internationally recognized and respected group of trustees. Learn more.

As the Chinese proverb says “If we don’t change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed” and in humanity’s case where we are headed is clearly some type of ecological and social collapse.

So the question is “what will it take to change our direction?” The conventional wisdom seems to be that humanity can’t be expected to do anything until the effects and pain of the collapse are so intense that we are shocked into action. And so, we wait to be forced to act. However, even in the best case, where we are shocked into action in time, we’ll still be scrambling frantically out of a breakdown in search of a new direction. In the worst case, where we don’t act in time, we’ll go over the edge and into the abyss.

The stakes are too high and the risks from waiting too great. We must act now. As Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel Corporation points out, “It is a lot easier to change when you can than when you have to.” Four Years. Go. intends that humanity motivates itself and gets into action now, when it can, and thus consciously chooses and participates in the design of its future.

Four Years. Go. is a rallying call asking us all to…

* Wake Up to the enormous harm we are doing to Earth and ourselves
* Wake Up to the profound opportunity we have now to create a future to match our deepest longing and greatest dreams
* Become change agents in redirecting humanity’s current path from self-destruction to sustainability
* Do it now. Don’t wait for any one or anything. And complete it by 2014.

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