Reflections: The Centre of Well-being

I am actually surprised by the simplicity of the solution – basing everything around a map! And simplicity is also a necessity.

The other thing is that there is no new technology in this. Like many others involved in making a sustainable future we see that existing technology is sufficient.

I am also struck by the repeated theme “what do you want to do?”, it could almost be a cornerstone of the marketing for the area. Your wellbeing …what do you want to do?

The other strong association coming out of this is how important the local authority is. Without a set up project being run centrally I cannot see it working

I was personally struck by how I as a visitor was “pulled in”. By arranging the information around “what do you want to do” instead of “what is there” and by having a personal trainer just available to chat to without it costing … I realised I myself would like a program like this and have never ever thought about it before.

( I wonder if you could use the visualising techniques to meet your own personal trainer! That would be the cheapest….)

End of Relflections, the Centre of Well-Being

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