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New IFTSP training now available

Until now, the techniques of Inventing for the Sustainable Planet have been used by only a few. We decided to create a course around the techniques. The first pilot, held at United Spaces Offices in Stockholm, proved very successful.

With the space of two hours we had got everyone Image Streaming and in the last session they had “visited” a community which had solved the problem they were working on. Everyone furiously filled an A4 with pictures of their invention and shared them with the other group members at the end.

Those who have read the book could pick the instruction up as they are embedded in the text, and each chapter contains method notes with hints and tips for the single practitioner. However, we know that there is nothing like “live” instruction to get people confident and up and running quickly.

Click on the link below to se the brochure.

We are now offering to teach the techniques ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD via telephone conference. If you or a group of your friends are interested, drop IFTSP an e-mail (look in my profile) and we will set it up. Humane rates.

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