New Invention #update: The Corporate Wellness Officer

Health is too important to be left to health professionals. Every company should have its own CWO – Chief Wellbeing Officer.

The responsibilities of the CWO:

MAXIMIZE health & well-being of employees (reduces insurance costs, increases efficiency, increases attractiveness as employer).

MAXIMIZE health promotion of products and services, that is to say maximize the health promotion properties of your product or service. This means customers get a greater experience from buying from you, and far more reasons to buy from you.

INCORPORATE the Health message in your marketing, explaining how your product and service promotes well-being.

Which leads me to ponder if a better qualification for being a CWO might be that of a veterinarian. They are after all responsible for keeping healthy animals healthy and productive. A health care professional of today probably doesn’t have that kind of experience on humans. Makes you think…

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