Move around more and get slim – NEAT!

Researchers have shown that those who move around more in their daily lives also stay slimmer.

In a way this goes against popular ideas that leanness requires a higher metabolism or hours at the gym. Not so it seems.

Comparing groups of obese people with those of slim, the obese group tended to spend two hours more a day sitting. The everyday activities displayed more by the slimmer group are described as non-exercise activity thermogenesis — or NEAT.

The results, they say, will guide physicians in advising their overweight patients towards more activity during the day.

IFTSP comments: we encourage everyone to work towards creating a more physical activity oriented culture in the West. That requires looking at everything from our architecture to job design to what we choose to motorise and what we choose to people power. designing our cities and towns so we can walk everywhere is a good start.

Two examples from our website of ways forward: Radiality in city planning, and Get Walking! maps. The city built for walking is described in the book


I’m throwing away my cappucino whisp today …..

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