Why the region we live in will become more and more the region we depend on. Globality in reversal.

I?ve collected a list of reasons why the trend towards globality will reverse shortly, and the importance of regionality will increase

1) Fuel costs and consequently transport costs will rise. We will travel less.
2) As our immune systems weaken (average weakening currently at least 30% from the 50s according to natural doctors) and diseases like SARS become widespread travel will be curtailed.
3) We will need to stop sending animals across borders as the dangers of pandemic diseases increases.
4) We need to develop regionally-suited varieties of crops to stem the trend towards narrowing the global diversity of foods. As artificial fertilizer costs rise (due to oil and gas shortages) and pesticides are banned these hardier strains will be needed more.
5) We will need to stop transporting foods long distances as fuel costs rise.
6) Branding: a region is a most powerful brand. People will come to realise this as we develop towards the experience economy. Take an example ketchup from Heinz or ketchup from the tomato-growing heart of Italy?

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