Beach Bum urges stop on plastic bag use

There are many, many things that need doing and Beach Bum suggests one that can have a pretty large impact.

The world throws away more than a million plastic bags a minute. These things don’t biodegrade and continue to choke landfill and get ingested by innocent animals and sea creatures who die painful deaths as a result. They also continue to leech toxins into everything we eat and drink and touch.

No great invention here but we make and sell attractive and economical reusable fabric bags. Each bag we sell saves the world from close to 500 plastic bags. A small step, but one we can take every day.

Check out his weblog, which is at He calls it Saving our planet, one bag at a time. They discuss the successes some communities have had and all the marketing benefits corportations can get from getting on to a “good” bandwagon. These make good business sense now.

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