Welsh authority shows how swaps lower energy intensity

As part of mobility week a Welsh Local authority offered car owners a full year’s free use of public transport in return for them giving up their car for scrap.

Some 30 people took up the offer. What I see as significant is the initiative shows us the basis of a very powerful method.

People need a certain level of security. If swapping something gives more security whilst lowering energy intensity you have a winner.

Going further…

  • Free relocation and maybe free accomodation for a while to people with long commutes who move to their area of work.
  • Free housing for people who give up their cars.
  • Free housing for those who give up their jobs.
  • Free training and start-up help for those who give up industrial jobs to start local food production.
  • Free market place space for local farmer’s markets in return for employing and or training newcomers to food production.

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