POWER DOWN to survive

Our team has just finished analysing the impacts of energy shortages on organisations in general. We believe all organisations should start to work out their energy intensity strategy. Failure to craft strategy in time may catch an organisation unawares before they have time to react.

As a start we offer up our white paper on POWERDOWN, with sixteen factors to consider.

  1. Oil pervades from raw material to product
  2. Demand will outstrip supply sooner or later.
  3. The issue is a liquid fuels one.
  4. No easy replacement is available.
  5. Moral challenges will overshadow technical issues.
  6. The main challenge is to maintain the carrying capacity of the Earth on less fuel.
  7. An economic slowdown ā€“ or worse ā€“ results from energy depletion
  8. Huge supply chains will power down.
  9. Beware of the trap of looking for a technical solution.
  10. Human muscle power and animal power will re-emerge as part of the economy.
  11. Powerdown strategies for cultural change are starting to emerge
  12. Culture change measures offer several benefits.
  13. Two other likely responses: Demand restriction and city re-planning.
  14. Less than a 20-year time frame for mitigation could seriously impact living standards.
  15. It is better to start mitigation early than late.
  16. The strategic question is how quickly your organization can respond effectively to fuel supply shortfalls

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